Individual clothing as solution for sizing problems .

If you are “not quite the norm”, you might have troubles finding the right size. Long arms, short legs, a little belly, extra large or extra small. Whatever it is that let’s you face frustration when buying your clothes: It’s exhausting, right?

There are only two things you need to know:

  1. You are not alone. We talked to thousands of people and the App showmysize is there to help you!
  2. If you cannot find anything in ready-to-wear – try individual clothing! It sounds more complicated and expensive than it really is. See below the main differences and characteristics.

Individual vs. ready-to-wear

While ready-to-wear clothing is produced for the mass market, individual clothing is made especially for you.

Often, slow fashion brands focus on rather individualized pieces of apparel. Making clothes only for a smaller and very individual group of people, makes it possible to look after the production process. This is also called producing in lot size 1 and  is defined as one of the biggest upcoming trends.

However, this does not mean that ready-to-wear is automatically “the bad guy of fashion”. There are a variety of brands that focus on sustainable and individualized apparel.

Wait… individual but ready-to-wear: How is that possible?

You can go the middle-way.

The opportunity of mass customization

Mass customization seems like a contradictory. But actually it’s not. 

The term “made-to-measure” refers to the fact that a designer is not starting your clothing completely from zero. Instead, the designer uses pre-defined patterns and individualizes them here and there according to your body. 

Like this, the brand can increase the range from XS-XL to 16 or even 30 different sizes.

Having different lengths and widths, depending on smaller or bigger bodies, makes it possible for the designer to adapt to your needs individually by keeping the production rather cost-efficient. Something that also reflects in the price. 

Made-to-measure clothing is not as expensive as completely individualized, bespoke clothing.

This fact makes it possible fo everybody to have individual T-Shirt, Sweaters and pants. 


Check out our partner brands – some of them offer exactly this service.