Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion .

Here you can find some of the main differences, characteristics and information about the background of Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion. Have fun!


Why Fast Fashion became a thing…

Within the last years, big and small brands all over the globe had to find a way to sustain in the new world of media.

Technological changes and especially the heavy use of smartphones and social media, have paved a way for a new world of advertising.

Instead of print magazines, brands use influencers and bloggers to present their clothes and new collections. And why not? They target a specific audience fast, efficient and interactive on a daily base.

However, the ongoing need to post new highlights, sometimes even more than just once a day, led to the fact that people needed new outfits and ever new stuff to present.

Fast Fashion developed as a new way of living one’s apparel live. The value in this trend does not lie in the quality of the apparel piece but rather in its variety.

Having a lot of diverse pieces of clothing, that you can mingle and match as well as replace whenever necessary, is the core of Fast Fashion.

Often this also includes, however, the need for cheap clothing. And those are usually produced in the mass and under non-sustainable conditions.

Within 2018, the trend of fast fashion therefore underwent significant criticism for causing tons of waste and not looking after our planet and environment.

A new development was born; one could say the opposite of Fast Fashion. Namely: Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion as new development

Some of the characteristics of Slow Fashion: 

  • The apparel is produced under fair conditions, often even locally
  • The focus lies on having only a handful of selected pieces instead of various & too much
  • The garments and fabrics are often made out of recycled materials and sustainable sources
  • The apparel does not harm the environment when thrown away
  • The price of Slow Fashion pieces differs from Fast Fashion


With increasing pressure from environmentalists, workers & customers, Slow Fashion becomes increasingly important.

Slow Fashion if often also referred to as new real of apparel. Slow Fashion brands have to look after the whole supply chain of producing and transporting the goods.



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Knowing the right size when shopping contributes to less returns and therefore less emissions, waste of resources and environmental costs.