Clothes for cash - how to sell clothes online

Fashion-conscious women and men know the problem: our wardrobe is always too full. That's why it makes sense to regularly clean out clothes that you no longer wear. But where should you put the things that are far too good to be thrown away?
It's simple: selling clothes! It's super easy, sustainable, saves valuable resources and you exchange clothes for money. To be able to sell worn clothes and also boost your budget, you should follow our tips below.

selling clothes via app

Before exchanging clothes for cash you should choose the right platform or marketplace. We recommend apps to sell clothes like SUMISU, where you can sell clothes online directly to people with the right size. This way, your worn clothes are sure to find a new owner who will still enjoy them. If the great offers make you want to do some second hand online shopping yourself, it's easy to do so in the marketplace at any time. If you would rather exchange clothes for money, you should follow these tips to ensure that your sale works out perfectly.

cash for clothes with expressive pictures

Selling clothes works best and fastest if you attach meaningful pictures to your advertisement. IMPORTANT: Please take your own photos of your clothes and do not use photos from websites or other users!
The pictures should show the fit, colour and details of the used clothing. Furthermore, you should make sure that the pictures of your clothes are of sufficient quality and resolution and that the photos are not blurred. We also recommend that you take pictures of the clothes while wearing them. This will give other users a better idea of how the clothes look when worn. If you are unsure about taking pictures, you can get inspiration from other users in the marketplace.

successfully sell clothes online with sufficient information

Besides pictures, the correct and necessary information about the worn clothes is very important for a successful sale. When creating your selling post, you should enter all the required information about the clothes you want to sell. This includes the price, a description of the item, the brand, category, size, condition, fit, colour and shipping method. Please enter all the information as conscientiously and correctly as possible in order to give interested users a realistic picture of your clothing and to increase your chances of selling.

Use the chat to complete selling clothes

As soon as other users are interested in buying your used clothes, they will write you in the chat, want to clarify the shipping with you, possibly want to negotiate the price and probably will ask questions about your items. So that you don't miss any messages from interested users, we recommend that you activate push notifications from SUMISU. This way, nothing should stand in the way of completing the sale and you can get money for clothes, do something good for the environment and make someone happy at the same time.


You want to sell clothes online and still have questions? Or you have already created a selling post, but selling clothes doesn't work? Check out our FAQs in the app to find answers to common questions. Check out the Community Rules for more tips on the rules of the Marketplace. If you still can't find an answer to your questions or a solution to your problems about selling used clothes, you can also send us an email to

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