5 benefits of buying second hand

If you think of old-fashioned and down-to-earth fashion when you think of Second-Hand, you have missed the important change in recent years away from fast fashion to conscious fashion. Because buying or selling used clothes has been a big trend for a long time, which makes sense not only in terms of fashion but also in terms of the environment. But why second hand? What is the reason behind this big trend? You can read in the following text why you can not only save money with used clothes, but also many other advantages of buying second hand and reasons why we believe that second hand is the future of fashion.

1. Second hand is cheaper

The most obvious advantage of second hand clothing is of course the price. Vintage parts are much cheaper than new clothes and usually of great quality. Often amazing brand clothes are sold at fair prices and you can get a real bargain in the second hand shop or in the second hand app. Sometimes you can also find unworn or rarely used clothes, which are sold at low prices. So if you are a real bargain hunter, then shopping second hand is just the right thing for you.

2. Second hand is eco-friendly

Buying used clothes saves a lot of resources. On the one hand, the materials used to make the garment are given a second life. On the other hand, waste is avoided, as the clothes find a new owner instead of going into the bin. In addition, packaging material is often saved, as new goods are usually delivered packed in several layers of plastic and cardboard. Another sustainable advantage of second hand is the reduction of used resources. As your new garment already exists and does not have to be produced from scratch, you save a lot of water, chemicals and fabric - our environment will thank you!

3. Second hand is more individual

You want to stand out from others in terms of style and you hate it when clothes look the same in every shop? If so, you should buy second hand. On the one hand, you can find clothes that nobody else wears, because second hand stands for stylish individual pieces. On the other hand you can always find great retro pieces in second hand apps and stores. If you want to know more about fashionable retro trends you can find our 5 favourite retro trends here. With second hand clothes you can be sure that you can follow your individual style and that you won't meet anybody wearing the same shirt as you at your next party.

4. Second hand is healthier

Those arguments were not enough for you and you are not yet 100% convinced of the benefits of buying second hand? Then this argument for used textiles should convince you: used textiles are not only healthier for our planet but also better for your health. The reason for this are chemicals in new clothes which can irritate your skin or even cause headaches. Second hand clothes have been washed several times in most cases and therefore there is no longer any risk of toxic chemicals in your new favourite item. If you want to be on the safe side you should simply wash your second hand item before wearing it for the first time.

5. Second Hand is fun

Last but not least, it is an important second hand advantage that selling or buying used clothing is fun. It always feels a bit like a treasure hunt, whether in a second hand shop or in a used clothes app. You can browse through all kinds of clothes and look for your size and style. And once you have found the perfect piece, it feels like you have found a precious treasure. A good feeling of conscience included, as you have saved resources and thus protected our environment. To speed up the search for your favourite item in the right size, we have created the second hand app SUMISU. Here you can buy second hand fashion directly in the right size and sell used clothes. This saves you the trouble of trying on and avoids a lot of return packages.

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