Why we love Retro - Our Top 5 Retro Trends

Retro style is anything but boring and old-fashioned! The special thing about vintage trends is that although they may be 20, 30 or 50 years old, they are still very much en vogue. Nobody would have thought that shoulder pads and flared pants would find their way back into our wardrobes and now look: you can see these great pieces in all the shops again. The reason why we love retro fashion is that you don't always have to buy new pieces, but you can re-use and combine existing ones. Therefore we would like to introduce you to our 5 favourite retro trends, which you can still wear perfectly. So you'd better get these things out of the dusty boxes again, because you can wear vintage fashion again.

1. Leather Jacket

The vintage leather item is probably something that almost everyone has in his or her closet. It goes with different styles and can be worn with jeans and chic dresses. All animal lovers can choose imitation leather and still be part of one of the most durable retro trends. Leather jackets can be worn in different styles and colours - especially in spring and autumn the trendy jackets are very popular. No matter if you like the biker style or prefer to keep your jacket classical - the leather jacket is individual and is an absolute must-have for both men and women when it comes to retro fashion.

2. Mom Jeans

Another vintage classic are Mom Jeans. These trousers are a real retro trend, which has its origin in the late 1980s. Although these vintage trousers for women were not considered fashionable in the 2000s, today's wardrobe cannot be imagined without these comfortable jeans. But what is the best thing to wear with this retro piece?
The trousers can be combined with elegant blouses, as well as with cosy autumn jumpers. Whether you are a friend of sneakers or high heels, you can wear both with your mom jeans. Due to the many different styling possibilities you can always give your jeans your own individual character.

3. Check Pattern

Another trend in retro fashion is the check pattern. This pattern has always enjoyed great popularity and is re-interpreted every season. No matter if a lumberjack shirt, a blazer or a trendy shirt-jacket in the matching retro style pattern, everyone has at least one piece of the fashionable retro pattern in their wardrobe. Vintage clothes in a check pattern can be worn by fashion-conscious men and women alike. And here again: you can interpret this retro trend individually and wear it casually, elegantly or classically. So you should go through your forgotten pieces and look for retro clothes in the trend pattern check.

4. Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has a long history, too. In its beginnings it was mainly used as functional & work clothing. In the 1970s it first found its way into the fashion world and developed from a workers' overall to a fashionable one-piece suit for elegant as well as sporty occasions. The jumpsuit is especially popular among women and can be worn in summer, winter, spring and autumn - depending on whether your jumpsuit has long or short trouser legs. The practical suit belongs to those retro trends that find their way back into the shop windows of the most famous fashion houses every year and can be worn to a barbecue or business event. No wonder that this all-rounder has become the latest fashion trend for decades.

5. Blazer

An absolute unisex vintage fashion classic is the blazer that has been worn by us and our ancestors for centuries. In its beginnings, the retro item was worn in black and navy blue and was made of certain fabrics only. Today you can find the blazer in all imaginable colours and fabrics and wear it casually, elegantly or sexy. The retro trend can be worn traditionally over a blouse or shirt, add the finishing touch to an evening dress or stand alone as a blazer dress. No matter how you want to wear your blazer - it will definitely pay off to dig your retro blazer out of the last corner of your closet and take it out again.

Where to buy retro clothes?

If you don't have these great retro styles in your wardrobe (anymore) and still want to enjoy the recurring trends, you can easily buy vintage fashion online. At SUMISU you will find the best retro pieces in your size and you can also contribute to a more sustainable fashion world. Whether you're looking for a check pattern shirt, mom jeans or a classic blazer... SUMISU is your online vintage shop to easily find retro clothes in your size. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the SUMISU app and hope you enjoy trying out our top 5 retro styles.

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