5 tips for sustainability in your wardrobe

Sustainability is probably one of THE buzzwords of our time and has (legitimately) found its way into many areas of our lives. We at SUMISU believe that now is the time to bring sustainability into our wardrobes and to take an environmentally friendly approach to clothing.
Unfortunately, the fashion world is still dominated by fast fashion and if we are honest with ourselves, we live in an overkill of clothes. You've probably seen your wardrobe burst at the seams and you've completely lost track of your favourite pieces.
That's why we want to help you find your own eco-friendly style with our Top 5 tips for a sustainable wardrobe.

1. Environmentally friendly clothes through upcycling

The easiest way to bring sustainability into your wardrobe is to extend the life of your clothes. Wearing your clothes for two full years instead of just one, would reduce CO2 emissions by 24%. But how do you manage to make your old parts shine in new glamour and bring them back to life?
Try to repair defective garments! Whether it's a loose button, a hole in your favourite jeans or a stain on your former favourite blouse - you can easily conceal all these traces of use with the help of needle and thread and patches. This way you can give your garment a new look and make it look almost like new.

2. Minimalism in the wardrobe

Another tip from us: be modest with your clothes, because less is more. Try to create new outfits by combining your clothes in different ways, creating variety with just a few pieces. Concentrate on the items you already have in your wardrobe and don't buy something new every season. However, if you need a new garment, the most sustainable way is to buy it second hand.

3. Buy clothes environmentally friendly online

The best way to ensure sustainability in the wardrobe despite new and diverse clothes is to shop your clothes second hand. At SUMISU you can easily buy sustainable clothes in the right size. In the app's marketplace you're sure to find a piece that fits your style perfectly and searching for the new piece also has something of a treasure hunt - because you can get real bargains here. And it is so easy to buy environmentally friendly clothes online. If you still don't find the perfect pieces you need, make sure you buy new clothes from Fair Fashion Labels.

4. Buy fair clothes

When shopping for new items you should make sure that the pieces are offered by slow fashion or fair fashion labels. These suppliers ensure that the production of the clothes is carried out under fair working conditions and that the raw materials used are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We can recommend the shops of Vresh or ArmedAngels for example. PS: At SUMISU you can also regularly find brand new items from these two environmentally friendly clothing brands.

5. Eco-friendly clothing means quality

It is especially important that when buying sustainable clothes you pay attention to the quality and material of your new garment. These define the lifespan of your clothing and are crucial for the durability of your new favourite piece. Try to avoid polyester & co. and use natural materials such as cotton. Even after countless washes, these materials will still look good.

If you follow these tips and remember them the next time you buy clothes, there's nothing to stop you from creating a sustainable wardrobe with eco-friendly clothes. If you want to buy environmentally friendly clothes directly online, you can visit the SUMISU marketplace. Be a hero or heroine and help us protect our planet with sustainable clothes.

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