Why we love CAMPE & OHFF .

The company offers made-to-measure shirts and blouses in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics for both men and women.

No matter which occasion you have – with an individual masterpiece of CAMPE & OHFF you will be perfectly dressed.

“We manufacture our shirts in the highest quality for over 20 years now and our tailors produce every piece locally in Germany.”

Christian Ohff (Co-founder CAMPE & OHFF)

About CAMPE & OHFF's fit .

The blouses and shirts of CAMPE & OHFF are individually manufactured for each customer; both men and women of course.

This means that you get your personal fit – whatever it might be – every time upon ordering.

Therefore, the company needs specific body measurements.

You can use our App showmysize to set up your personal measurements profile and connect it directly with CAMPE & OHFF.

Getting individually tailored shirts and blouses has never been more comfortable.

Shopping at CAMPE & OHFF .

Download our App showmysize to get your personal Sizing Profile and connect with CAMPE & OHFF to shop in the right size!

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