Why we love distorted people .

The Munich based label was founded by the creative twin brothers Huy and Dung, originally born near Laos but raised in Germany.

Distorted People has been around for over 10 years now and is known for its casual and urban lifestyle.

Its unique logo of a barber razor blade and a butcher ax crossing gives the label high recognition among the streetwear scene and is based on the Hollywood movie Gangs of New York.

“You can make mistakes, but never the same mistake twice.”

Huy & Dung Vu (founders of distorted people)

About distorted people's fit .

The urban streetstyle is available mainly for men and women. Some T-Shirts and caps are also available for kids.

The brand is known for their high-quality and perfect fit, not exclusively but especially, for taller people.

Shopping at distorted people .

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