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Sizing Spots .

A Sizing Spot is a location where you can go to measure yourself in 3D. You can find a 3D Full Body Scanner there which you can operate with your showmysize App. The App connects with the 3D Body Scanner and tells you what to do. The Sizing Spots consists of the 3D Body Scanner and a changing room. Sometimes, the 3D Body Scanner itself has the design of a changing cabin and you can dress and undress inside the scanner.

A 3D Full Body Scanner is a device that can measure you in 3D. The body scanners that partner with showmysize, are devices that can measure the body via special infrared 3D technology. No pictures or videos are taken – we respect your privacy.

The 3D Body Scanner measures with Infrared 3D Cameras that are hidden in the device itself. They are not taking pictures and they are not filming you. We respect your privacy. Also, the measurements are not dangerous. Also pregnant women can do the measurements. It is harmless and no x-ray.

The 3D Body Scanner at the Sizing Spot can be operated via your showmysize App. You have a Search function in your App and it detect the Sizing Spot closest to you. When you are near the 3D Body Scanner, the App can connect to the scanner and on the screen of the App, you will see the instructions on what to do. You can use the Sizing Spot by yourself, with your App in self-serve mode.

Yes, after measuring with the 3D Body Scanner at the Sizing Spot, the result is a measured 3D Avatar which will be shown in your App Profile section.
Having a 3D Avatar is the highest level you can reach in the App. Like this, you can order no only ready-to-wear clothing in the right size but also order made-to-measure clothing and individualized apparel at our fashion brands.

Yes there will. We are currently heavily working on spreading them across Europe. Watch out for the next ones to come. If you have a suggestion for where to put one, you can contact us any time and drop us a line to let us know.

Yes unfortunately it can be possible that you do not live near a Sizing Spot or that it is not possible for you to reach one near. But don’t worry. You can set up your personal Sizing Profile in our App showmysize also without using a 3D Body Scanner at a Sizing Spot. Simply by answering some questions, you can easily set up your Profile and start shopping in the right size. You can find more information on this in the App section, or Profile section of this FAQ.

App & Sizing Profile .

A Sizing Profile is your personal representation of your body and its shape. Having a Sizing Profile lets you shop in the right size because you know which size to take.

Having a Sizing Profile lets you shop the right size at fashion brands. This prevents frustration and stress that usually comes up when you start searching for size charts on the homepage of fashion brands or even when you start to think about which fit the selected clothes might have. Also, by not ordering too much stuff (because you do not know the size), you are doing good for your environment! Less transportation, less emissions, less waste from returns and less waste of resources like water for re-integrating it into the clothing cycle. You see, you can do good for you and your environment!

It’s really simple. Download our App showmysize and register. All we need is information about your age, height, weight and some other factors. In less than 2 mins. You are ready and good to go shopping in the right size.

As soon as you have set up your Sizing Profile in our App showmysize, you automatically shop in the right size at the fashion brands in our App.
There are two options:
Either the size you need to buy is directly shown next to the piece of clothing you selected.
Or you see a little tab in the page of the fashion brand. By clicking on it, you can see the suggested sizes personally for you for a variety of clothing pieces for this brand.

No absolutely not. When you “connect” your Sizing Profile with the brands in the App, we are not submitting your Profile or data to them. We do the magic of matching the brand’s data with your data in the background. No need to worry – your privacy is important to us!

Yes you can. The fashion brands which you find on this homepage are also included in our App showmysize. After setting up your Sizing Profile, you can click on the variety of brands and shop directly from the App. The right size for you will be shown in the store of the fashion brand you chose.

Brands .

No we are not. Almost every fashion brand is welcome to participate and be part of the showmysize revolution. We want to offer our users the best possible experience and therefore welcome a variety of fashion brands. They differ in offerings, ecological background, location, price and much more.

Yes we do. As soon as you have set up your Sizing Profile, you can also connect with MTM brands in our brand. They will tailor their pieces of clothing according to your measurements.

Yes, we are including new brands daily! There is no limitation with regard to location, assortment or price segment. Click on our brands section to find out more about them.

You have your own fashion brand and want to be included in the homepage showmysize or the App? Contact us and we send you all you need to know.

Sure you can. If you know a fashion brand that we are missing and that definitely needs to be part of this, contact us and let us know.

You got a question we could not answer in our FAQ ?

No problem. Contact us and we are happy to help.