Why we love Fuenf .

The brand Fuenf is a Berlin-based fashion brand that focuses mainly on the concept of female empowerment, fair production and sustainable fabrics.They avoid to produce designs that echoe the seasons in order to be valid in a timeless manner, all year long.


“The first collection of the brand is dedicated to the clash between technologies and nature, the new and the old, the future and the past.” 

Ekaterina Zdanowicz-Musina (founder of Fuenf )

About Fuenf 's fit .

The brand combines natural fractals and hypnotic graphics and provides fashion for both men and women. A special feature is that they use screen printing to get modern designs while avoiding unnecessary waste of water. In addition, the brand produces mainly in small ateliers in Berlin and Poland to guarantee fair and transparent production processes.

Shopping at Fuenf .

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