Why we love GREY .

The Berlin based company GREY has developed the innovative fabric Vitadylan that consists of Icelandic seaweed and zinc fiber and thereby gives the body vitamin A, C, E and minerals.

The basics of GREY are developed not only with the thought of nourishing the skin but also caring about the environment and society by producing the products with 97% less usage of water and 90% less COemissions.

“Most people feel free and comfortable at the seaside. The skin is soft and moments are magical. We want you to feel like this every day by wearing our nourishing products.”


About GREY's fit .

GREY sets the highest-priority to a comfortable and soft fit; no matter if you are sleeping, doing sports, at a party or in a business meeting.

Their innovative fabric is

  • Two times softer than usual cotton
  • Produced locally, sustainable in Germany
  • Nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals
  • Made out of 4 different fibers
  • Using only little water and producing low emissions when produced

Shopping at GREY .

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