Why we love l'amour est bleu .

l’amour est bleu is a sustainable fashion brand that combines eco-friendly materials and timeless designs to help modern women dress consciously and intentionally.

In a fast fashion world with mass consumption, this brand believes that less is more.

Collections are produced in small quantities only. Their goal is to dress a woman without her having to spend hours in front of her wardrobe closet.

“My wish is to end our throw-away society and give fashion back the value of small works of art that have been lovingly designed and crafted to last a life time.”

Thien (founder of l’amour est bleu)

About l'amour est bleu's fit .

The brand completely focuses on timeless fashion pieces for women to wear every day.

By providing only a capsule collection of apparel, the l’amour est bleu wants to reduce the stress of overloaded clothes and simultaneously give women fashionable, high-quality basics.

Like this, they strive to reducing stress and gaining back valuable life time for their customers.

In addition, the whole production process is completely sustainable and performed under fair working conditions. The fabrics themselves are produced locally in Germany.

Shopping at l'amour est bleu .

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