Why we love mamoq .

mamoq is a UK-based multi-brand platform that supports brands with the vision of a safer and ethical fashion industry.

You can buy solely brands that support the vision of designing clothes and goods with respect for the planets and its people.

The name mamoq is an acronym and stands for

⦁ a Meaningful production,

⦁ with Accountability to a transparent and honest operating system

,⦁ by using sustainable Materials,

⦁ that give more Opportunities to people and the ecosystem

⦁ by having Quality designs.

We believe that our clothing should make us smile. Not just because we like how we look, but because we love the story that they tell.

– Madeline & Lenny (founders of mamoq)

About mamoq's fit .

mamoq mainly partners up with brands that focus on values which the founders share as well. This includes, amongst others, brands 

focusing on reducing environmental waste

valuing multicultural craft work

supporting economic empowerment

producing locally in Europe

eliminating toxic components and pesticides out of their fashion

working upon fully transparent production standards

and more, which you best discover yourself by looking through their homepage.

Shopping at mamoq .

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You just want to have a look at the collection? Click on the logo below to get to their online shop.