Why we love Revipe .

The young brand strives to provide T-Shirts that not only look good, but also have functional characteristics like cooling and drying effects with less smell; even in high-pressure situations.

The company therefore partners with Repreve, who turn plastic bottle waste into recycled yarn that can then be used to produce apparel again.

Revipe stands for REVolution of Independent PEople and identifies with self-confident, positive people.

“Who doesn’t know this moment on the dancefloor. When everybody feels the same and you are part of a big, vibrant group. You feel save and free at the same time. This feeling is what we want to express.”

– (Revipe)

About Revipe's fit .

The brand mainly focuses on T-Shirts and Tank Tops for men and women.

Their designs are inspired by dancers and DJs worldwide and last high-pressure situations, no matter if it is sports or important presentations.

Their designs range from basics to creatives and are made out of sustainable and comfortable fabrics.

Shopping at Revipe .

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