Why we love Takutea .

The young label is based in Naples, Italy and offers high-quality jeans for men and women.

The name Takutea comes from an atoll in the Pacific Ocean and each of the jeans has a name in the Maori language.

The idea behind the brand is to stand out of the grey urban jungle by wearing unique jeans with the colors of the Maori culture.

“The jeans are comfortable, accessible and, thanks to their unique inserts, the ideal garment for free spirits who like to think out of the box.”

Valeria & Lucio (founders of Takutea)

About Takutea's fit .

Something special about Takutea is that each of their jeans is made with embroidery of Tivaevae, a fabric that is produced by women in the Cook Islands.

The brand avoids using animal derived fabrics and instead uses 100% cotton and Japanese selvedge fabrics.

The three fitting types of Takutea include:

  • Regular jeans
  • Comfort jeans
  • Oversize jeans

Shopping at Takutea .

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