Why we love VRESH .

The Austrian fashion brand focuses on high quality and sustainable products.

The V in VRESH stands for the Value the brand provides to its customers and also its producers.

The producers are located in the North of Portugal where, in a surrounding of only 50km, everything from the yarn to the fabric of the final product comes from family businesses who work under fair conditions.

“Vresh is all about quality goods, creativity and sustainability. It´s more than a lifestyle, it´s our passion.”

Klaus (founder of VRESH)

About VRESH's fit .

The brand focuses on pure designs and comfortable fabrics for men and women.

Their high quality clothes are made with both love and passion and are suitable as everyday-wear as well as leisure and sportswear.

Their hoodies for both men and women as well as their creative T-Shirts are especially popular among their customers. If you keep your eyes open, you might get one of their limited products they release now and then – they range from T-Shirts to Beanies.

Shopping at VRESH .

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